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lose weight while gaining strength, energy and confidence WITH OUR 30-DAY TRINITY TRANSFORMATION TRIAL!

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Here's what you'll get during your Trinity Transformation Trial:

  • ​Initial 1-on-1 Personal Training Session
  •  12 small group personal training sessions  
  •  30-Days Of Custom Nutrition And Accountability Tracking
  • Weekly Mind Map Sessions so you can form lasting habits

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More energy!!!

Energy is your #1 asset. Energy is what allows you to enjoy life on your terms! We know that by helping you gain energy, your entire life improves!

More confidence!

When you are more confident, you are willing to try new things, you are able to walk into any room and turn heads, simply because you've earned it and you know what you are doing is making you better, day by day.

More fun!

The bottom line is that you are going to have to put in the work, but it has to be fun and you have to be around people you like. At Newell Strength, our #1 strength is our family-like community!

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Down 120 pounds!

'I came to Newell Strength because of an extremely embarrassing situation....I was kicked off a roller coaster at Disney World because they couldn't get the buckle around my waist....I used that to fuel my transformation.' -Gori Carfora

Overcame Her Anxiety!

'I'm stronger, happier and truly feel like I am a better person and mom to my kids'. - Cortney Pollara

Down 100 pounds | Cut Body fat % in half!!!

'I've tried everything, including lap-band surgery, before coming to Newell Strength. Finally, I found a place and system that have given me the results I was always chasing.' - Andrew Tina

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wHAT iS The trinity method?

Our unconventional, yet holistic approach to a lasting transformation


We use Peripheral Heart-Action Strength Training to make sure you have the most efficient workout possible. You get your strength building and fat-loss all within a single, 50-minute session.

Mind Mapping

With every single client, we incorporate Mind-Mapping, which is literally the brain science behind habit formation. A lack of information is rarely, if ever the problem, but forming habits is normally always the road block to a lasting transformation.


We help frustrated our clients lose weight without the stress

or limitations of dieting,

feeling frustrated or yo-yoing

up and down.

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james ghanim

'I was always reluctant to begin a fitness and nutrition program, I knew I needed it but I didn't think it would work for me......When I came to Newell Strength, I was 260 pounds, currently I am 203 pounds....!'

Maritza Morales

'I have every DVD known to man...but until I started coming to Newell Strength, I was unable to truly make a change.....I have improved clarity and confidence every single day now!'

shadi Dawood

'I've belonged to gyms before, I've had personal trainers before, but I never really gained anything out of it. I didn't understand what I was doing and always lost any forward progress. Since joining Newell, I am down 15% bodyfat!!!!'

donna stryker

'I was tired and out of shape...I needed a change. Since coming here, I've lost 32-pounds and my energy is night and day compared to what it used to be...'

Our 'then-sum' guarantee

If you are not satisfied in any way with your 30-day Trinity Transformation Trial, we will refund you in full plus $100!!! There will be no hassle, no questions asked and anyone on our staff can help you with the then-sum guarantee!

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Enter your info below....once you do that, one of our super-friendly Coaches will schedule a call with you to help you decide if Newell Strength is a good fit for you.

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